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Marie puts 5 Truths in practice

When I specifically think of Truth #1, that someday we will all die. It really humbles me knowing that life is short, and the decisions that I make every day to actually matter. I think it’s easy when you have a small perspective in life to think that life revolves around you. And things can easily turn into a bigger deal than what they really are. But when I realize our lives are just a blimp on a map, it changes the way I make my decisions.

It’s easy to get off track though, so to be able to go back and remember Truth 1 brings me back to reality.
-Marie Tessau

Family assisted after tornado by the 5Truths Foundation

The Holthaus Family is supported by Truth #5

Thinking back to the time soon after the tornado, I am reminded of a song we sang in church the week after the tornado, “Here in This Place.” The words go, “We are all hungry people, we need shelter and strength. We are one in our hurting, we are one in our pain. All our lives are a mystery; we see not where they lead. We are asked now to trust you and we know we must believe. As our feet become Christ’s feet, we go forth with the grace of the power and the Spirit that is here in this place.”

Even though we are very Blessed to have insurance, to also have the out pouring of help from an Amazing , Organization called the “ 5 Truths” truly helped in our “suffering”. My husband took the week off unpaid after the tornado the money given to us financially in our pain of trying to figure out what to do next by giving us the time we needed all together.

Thank You to Everyone from the 5 Truths, for coming forth as Christ’s hand and feet!

Love- The Holthaus family, Josh, Melissa, Abby, Brady and Andy.