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Eucharist in Action

The Eucharist Truth in Action

The Eucharist was over my head, I had taken a class on it but really got me was when I heard the miracles of the Eucharist. There was a story of Saint Anthony who was preaching in an area divided by believers and non-believers. He got angry one day  and went down to the water and said if no one is going to listen to me and least you fish will listen to me. So the fish came out of the water and listened to him then went back into the sea after he dismissed them. The people were astonished!

A man approached Saint Anthony and said “I see the fish will listen to you what about my donkey. Can you get my donkey to worship your God? St. Anthony said yes! The agreement was to not feed the man’s donkey for three days. And meanwhile Saint Anthony fasted for three days with the hopes he could get some conversions. On the third day, after Mass, St. Anthony came out with the Eucharist and the man with the hay. The donkey stood in the middle. St. Anthony said “Ok donkey, go worship your Lord and Master.” So the donkey turned to the St. Anthony and knelt down before the Eucharist. The man in turn also became a believer and also the rest of the town. THAT was the critical point for me in the believing in the Eucharist.”

Truth #3 The Eucharist is Eternal Food